About Me

I've been selling online since I was a teen in the late '90s, when eBay was still relatively unknown to most of the world. I'd sell whatever I could find - stuff I knew was of no use to anyone or anymore, or my own band merch and CDs, once I realized some of the stuff I had could turn a decent profit due to its demand at the time.

I started this online store as I was tired of the excessive eBay fees and "free" listing limitations, as a surrogate. There is no storefront; just 1 person looking to sell some stuff to those who may want it, but can't find it through traditional auction sites. I still list my junk on eBay, whenever I haven't exhausted their incredibly low non-store limitations..
I also happen to enjoy messing around with code and UI; this site is also an opportunity to flex my creative muscle whenever my brain needs a scratch. In my day job, I work at a super cool tech company out of downtown Milwaukee as a backend developer.
For most of my adult live I've been developing websites and writing code for freelance projects outside of my primary work. Some of my current and past work includes: custom-coded CMS for construction companies and event promoters, a shopping cart written from scratch (pre-packaged open source carts were too bulky for the project in question, at the time), donation and marketing automation tools for nonprofits and so on.

I've also submitted countless contributions under variable pseudonyms to open source projects (I'm a product of the time when it wasn't cool to blast your personal identity all over the internet).
My weapons of choice are PHP and CentOs; Linux/Apache if provisioning a server environment.
(I am always open to freelancing, so if you need improvements to your site or need a cool shop built, give me a shout.)

In my spare time, I like to read updates on infosec while listening to my favorite jams: Amorphis being the inspiration behind the site name; Marilyn Manson, Metallica and Alice in Chains are my current frequents.